A Big Need for Small Loans

SMALL LOANS – BIG NEED is an industry-led initiative to give the facts about the big need in Australia for small loans.  NCPA has launched a new information and media website to help change the ingrained negative image about small loans that media and consumer bodies continue to write about.

People who use small amount loans may sometimes feel uncomfortable about the process if they believed everything that was written in the media about the small loans industry.  The small loans industry provides a vital service for Australians who cannot, or chose not to, borrow from banks or credit unions.

Some Australians especially do not want to use a credit card which they can be trapped into never paying off and prefer using a small loan that can be paid off quickly in a few weeks or longer if they choose.  ASIC licensed small amount lenders provide a valuable service to the community and the economy by providing small loans when and where they are needed.

CLICK HERE to find this new website which has been designed to give all industry stakeholders, including consumers, some vitally important information about how the small amount credit contract (SACC) loans industry operates in Australia.

Small Loans Big Needs

This new website has been prepared in part from the results of an independent research report by CoreData.  This groundbreaking research was instigated by NCPA as a way of getting information about the small loans industry that has never been available before.

Media and any industry stakeholders are invited to visit  www.smallloansbigneed.com.au/   for more information or if you wish to receive an Information Pack which gives pertinent details about the SACC industry as a whole and how the CoreData research has provided never-before available research findings on the Australian small loans industry.