Code Of Conduct

National Credit Providers Association members are bound by the NCPA’s own Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct provides a list of principles by which Members will operate in dealing with their customers as a means of promoting and achieving the highest level of responsible lending obligations and practices in their businesses. The purpose of the Code is to ensure a higher responsible lending obligation standard. The goal of setting these higher standards is to create a community of trusted lenders which customers will use as a benchmark when selecting a lender.

Consumers can rely on this higher standard of principles contained in this Code of Conduct being enforced by members Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) processes to solve any dispute that may arise between the customer and the lender.  In any situation where the customer cannot get what they believe to be a satisfactory resolution of their dispute with the lender, then the customer may seek assistance from the member’s External Dispute Resolution (EDR) provider.  Our members our bound by the decision of the EDR provider and must resolve the dispute with the customer in accordance with the EDR instructions.

This Code of Conduct includes these items:

  1. Our commitment is to always provide every customer with best practice standards of service.
  2. We believe the interests and needs of our business are best served by providing adequate protection for the interests and needs of our customers.
  3. The responsible nature of our company’s work makes it imperative that our reputation for integrity should always be beyond question.
  4. As a responsible corporate citizen, our company will, at all times, obey the laws and regulations of Local, State and Federal Governments.
  5. No instructions or inducements, from any customer, will relieve a member of our staff from his or her responsibility to strictly observe this Code of Conduct.
  6. All representations shall be truthful, without exaggeration, concealment or omission.
  7. Our staff regard the provision of financial services as an important and responsible profession.
  8. We offer a detailed written quotation, on request, for any of our financial services or products.
  9. We undertake to provide full disclosure of charges, fees and interest associated with the relevant financial service or product and include such in all contracts.
  10. We undertake to provide the customer with copies of all documentation relevant to the service and/or product purchased by the customer.
  11. We regard the maintenance of our proud reputation and the high standard of ethical practice we apply to our business as the direct responsibility of every member of our staff.
  12. We believe that the customer deserves the same attention to their financial circumstances as the standard we would devote to our own.
  13. We always endeavour to be fully informed as to the nature and characteristics of the customer’s financial circumstances and to recommend the most appropriate financial service or product, from the range of services and products offered, by our company, at the time.
  14. We value the personal information given to us by our customers and take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised access or misuse of that information.
  15. We are committed to fair collection practices and make every effort to establish a reasonable repayment schedule, with customers who have a debt with us.
  16. We will, at the customer’s request, arrange financial counselling to assist the customer with their financial management.
  17. We are committed to participation in the activities of our community.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, we guarantee all customers the right of access to a free Internal Dispute Resolution process and our commitment to accepting the outcome of any dispute that may be dealt with by an External Dispute Resolution (EDR) provider.



Only Members of the National Credit Providers Association can give you the protection of this Code of Conduct. 

When looking for a trusted lender, always look for the NCPA logo on a lender’s website or other promotional material. 

This is a customer’s gaurantee of dealing with a trusted lender.