Finding a Trusted Lender is Easy

The distinctive logo for the National Credit Providers Association is a trusted brand to look for.

Members of the National Credit Providers Association are bound by a Code of Conduct to a higher standard for dealing with their customers, so look for the ‘trusted brand’ of NCPA membership. Also, all NCPA Members must be Australian Licensed Credit Providers which means they have gone through strict registration processes under Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and are bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) 2009. The NCCP Act, among other things, details strict rules and regulations about the supply of credit in the small loan industry and especially about a lender’s “responsible lending obligations” to you as a borrower.

So look for lenders which carry the NCPA logo. It is your pathway to a trusted lender. You will see the NCPA logo (see below) displayed either in a lender’s office or on their website. If you can’t see this logo, then ask if the lender is a Member of NCPA. If not, then contact a lender who is a Member. It will be your safeguard of being treated fairly.