Becoming A Member Of The NCPA

The National Credit Providers Association covers all states and territories in Australia to represent small and medium amount credit providers, as well as suppliers to our industry as Associate Members. The Association strives to promote the development and sustainability of the industry and to promote and protect the rights of our members’ customers by applying responsible lending processes.

As part of the process of becoming a Member, you will receive documents regarding how the Association operates and what is expected of you as a Member. Your Membership Application form will give us comprehensive information about your entity which is part of the assessment process towards Membership approval. There are two levels of Membership – General Membership and Associate Membership.  General Membership is for those operating in the small and medium loan market place under an ASIC Credit Licence.  Other entities associated with the industry but not actually lenders (such as software providers, solicitors, accountants) are classed as Associate Members with a different level of fees applying to each type of Membership.

Once accepted as a Member, you will be given access to restricted areas of the Association website where Member-only information is stored but will be available to you 24/7. As a Member of the NCPA you will receive representation on regulatory issues facing the industry, regular updates of information relating to both the industry as well as good corporate governance issues and also relevant industry education. Our once a year, AGM is also a training day where Members hear important information from keynote speakers relating to the industry, meet fellow Members, and discuss current industry issues with attending industry representatives. Members of the NCPA abide by a Code of Conduct to ensure a level of high ethical standards and agree to follow the Goals and Missions of the Association.

Types of Memberships

General Members

General Members are businesses who hold an ASIC Australian Credit License, who operate as a credit provider or credit assistant provider (broker) entities. Note: New entrants to the market can join the Federation in advance of gaining your credit license. In some cases, this has helped new entrants during the licensing access information and professional advice not available to non-members.

Associate Members

Associate Members are businesses and/or other stakeholders who interact with our General Members or our Members customers. Associate Members have no voting rights with the NCPA structure. This Membership status is provided primarily as an information stream to those entities supporting our Members.

Examples of Associate Members are;

  • Law firms.
  • Universities.
  • Software providers.
  • Training organisations.
  • Other credit related industry associations.

Benefits of Membership

What we do for our Members

NCPA promotes a viable industry sector by; relationship building, direct lobbying, preparing submissions, generating industry specific reports and research, as well as promoting responsible lending practices and corporate governance to our Members.

The Association has overseen or developed:

  • specialist Guidance Notes for increased compliance;
  • Certificate IV course for non-ADI lenders;
  • specialist loan contracts;
  • updates on regulatory activity;
  • a conduit for Members to voice their opinions on legislation under consultation with policy makers regarding issues in the market place;
  • publication of member updates throughout the year;
  • maintaining ‘Push back’ campaigns to challenge any incorrect media or academic reports that could adversely affect the credit market; and
  • comment to the media as required to protect and promote our industry sector.

The Association works with key government bodies such as ASIC, AFCA, AUSTRAC, the ACCC and ATO, Treasury, ARCA and various Parliamentary committees and inquiries.

Associate Members

Associates are business entities that have a direct connection, contact, or interest in the small and medium amount credit contract (loans) industry in Australia but do not hold Australian Credit Licences. Associate Members are welcome to attend Association general meetings as observers, but do not participate in Association ballots.

Associate Members, who have products that can service a wide portion of the industry, may be invited to bid for presentation rights at Association conferences, seminars and exhibitions. This is a unique opportunity to present and display information concerning your products and/or services and a chance to network with the industry as a whole.

General Members

General Members of NCPA are business entities that provide small and medium amount credit contracts (loans) and other associated products and are registered ASIC Australian Credit Licence holders. Members can be sole traders, franchisors, franchisees, private, and listed companies and other business entities that provide or facilitate financial products. These Members have the right to vote on Association matters by way of each entity’s nominated representative participating in Association ballots.

There are many specific benefits to being a Member of NCPA but most Members feel that the most benefit they receive on a day-to-day basis is from Membership Updates. These updates are based on NCPA’s daily media watch, industry research, and constant contact with industry stakeholders including government policy makers. These updates contain important information on industry alerts, keep Members informed of proposals for industry reviews, regulatory changes, compliance issues and opportunities, regulatory activity, and also suppliers with interesting industry specific products and the like.

Member Testimonials


Oct 31 2014
As a member of NCPA we are kept up to date with what is happening in the industry as it happens. This allows us to ensure we are compliant and gives us the comfort of getting on with running our business.

Linda Foster, Web Moneyline Pty Limited,

Oct 31 2014

Thanks for your newsy email and many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. Especially those guidance notes which are popular with me too.

John Bird, Cash Smart,

Jan 15 2015
The NCPA is critical to the effective liaison of our industry with government, ASIC and other stakeholders. The professional operation of the board ensures industry is engaged and aware of issues that will or may affect them and that members are updated regularly on these. Being a part of this is critical to longer term success.

Paul Walshe (NCPA Chairman), Fair Go Finance,


Jan 15 2015

Thanks to all at NCPA for your tireless work in promoting our Industry sector and for Member updates and guidance which prove time and again to be most valuable and great resource material.

Paul Baril, Cash Stop Financial Services,

Jan 15 2015

The NCPA fulfills a vital industry service by keeping members timeously informed of current developments in the consumer credit industry needed for ongoing compliance, the interpretation of legislation and strategic planning. Having an industry voice through which we can professionally channel material issues to Government and other industry stakeholders is also extremely valuable.

Jeremy Thorpe, Director Fair Go Finance Pty Ltd,


Jan 15 2015

The NCPA plays a vital role informing the wider community of the value of small amount lending and members of the need for responsible lending practices.

Money 3,

General Membership

Prospective General Members must agree to abide by the NCPA Code of Conduct, as may be published from time to time, which provides a checklist of best business practices.

Adhering to this Code of Conduct and displaying the NCPA logo will set NCPA Members apart from other lenders in the market who are not members so that your customers will recognise a trusted brand.

Upon receipt of a completed general membership application form and confirmation of payment of the appropriate general membership fee, applications are submitted to the NCPA Membership Approval Process.

Use the contact form below to register your interest in becoming a General Member of NCPA.

Associate Membership

Prospective Associate Members must agree to abide by the NCPA Code of Conduct, to the extent that it applies to the Associate Member, as may be published from time to time, and which provides a checklist of best business practices.

Upon receipt of a completed associate membership application form and confirmation of payment of the appropriate associate membership fee, applications are submitted to the NCPA Membership Approval Process.

Use the contact form below to register your interest in becoming an Associate Member of NCPA

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